Friday, May 13, 2011


Hello and welcome to my blog, a continuous meditation on my perspective on things as a black American who is also pagan.  I don’t claim to be an expert and can’t speak for anybody but myself, but I do feel that the “black pagan community” (hard to type that without laughing) is sorely underrepresented here in cyberspace, so I’m just doing my bit to remedy that situation somehow. 
I’ve only encountered a handful of other black pagans in real life, but I know there are more of “us” out there. Probably scattered about in a sea of white if we circle/practice with others, maybe in the closet to our families who may not understand. I’m sure that many of us are solitaries, as I am. 

We network and get a lot of our information on the net, so if this site should perchance turn into one of those places “we” gather to hear about and see and speak with other black pagans, that would be very cool with me.
In this blog I plan to talk a bit about myself and my own eclectic practice, review pagan-oriented books and movies, publish interviews with other black folks who identify as pagans and relate my (probable futile) experiences at forging some kind of real-world pagan community in the rural area I live in. I’m a former journalist accustomed to blathering, but since life is very busy these days I’m going to really only commit to updating once a week, on Mondays. So stop by sometime.


  1. Lynn, thank you for this. I'm excited to read it. As an AA Pagan myself, I've been practicing for 4 years now and joined a coven two years ago here in Seattle. There's no other person of color besides myself but I know there has to be more. Thanks again for starting this!

  2. Hey Lynn,
    I am a Black British and a Black Pagan! I am excited about your blog. I have been on the path for about 6 or 7 years now, but i can honestly say that i knew i was a pagan from a young age but didnt really know how to express it or name it. I live in California, and there are a few of us out here and a lot in Europe....wonderful magicakal day to start your blog and i look forward to it! I am Nubian btw and so pleased to meet you )0(

  3. @Sabrina and Anonymous: Thanks for coming by! Would love to hear more about how things are out West and also about your specific practices and experiences.

  4. Hi Lynn thanks for the site i am new to Wicca i live in North Carolina i have found friends online i been practing for 4 months now been doing some reading as well keep up the good work Blessed Be