Friday, August 26, 2011

black pagan links love 8/26/11

From the blogosphere:

Nouvelle Noir Goddess over at the Daughters of Eve blog has a couple of great Q&A’s  this week with Black Witch and high priest R.A. Waldron, author of The God Genes Decoded, Volumes I and II. 

Nouvelle Noir has also put out the call for people of color (pagans, Wiccan and African traditionalist, etc.) to contact her if they’re interested in being profiled on the blog. I’m so happy about this new feature at Daughters of Eve because it helps us all share information and get to know each other. 
Over at the African American Wiccan blog, Mrs. Ebonee talks about the acceptance of paganism (or lack of it) in the black community. This is a discussion that will only continue as the number of black folks practicing non-Abrahamic spiritualities increases over time.

Nkyinkyin blogs about simplicity in ritual, and how she got there. 

From Hoodoo Crossroads, rootworker Chiron Armand offers A Basic Guide to Learning Magick. It’s an old article (from January) but it’s new to me and I like it so I’m posting it here. Based in New York City, Chiron is a hoodoo pracitioner and urban shaman who does housecleanings/blessings, journey work, readings and other services. Here’s a link to his website, Conjure in the City.

Finally, the African American Wiccan Society has a great new online store featuring books, jewelry, tools, edibles, handbags, wallets and some nice ritual garb.

That’s it for now. A new interview -- with Lisa, a Celtic practitioner in southern California -- will be posted on Monday. Have a great weekend and if you're on the east coast, don't let Hurricane Irene sweep you up in the wind like the Wicked Witch of the West.

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